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Our Commitment

Our sustainability goals are based on two main pillars – packaging technology and environmental impact. Every decision we make is focused on furthering the progress made within these two pillars.

Less Emissions

We are continuously optimising to diminish our environmental impact by increasing efficiency whenever possible. We use Euro 5 emission trucks for all our logistics, contributing to our reduced carbon footprint.

Energy Management

Our bottling facility uses automated, energy-efficient systems and solar water heating lessening our energy use by 30%, ultimately reducing our carbon footprint by 50%.

Carbon Neutral

We promise to bring you our natural spring water and at the same time constantly lessen our emissions year by year. Our environmental policies are formed around becoming certified as carbon neutral and we’re continuously reducing our carbon emissions at each level of our process, from materials to production, transportation and recycling.

Innovating for Change

The way we see it, our planet relies on us to progress to a carbon emission free future, so we will continue to optimize our business model to stay on course for this future to become a reality.