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Our Story

Our source is found in the remote island, Mauritius, at the foot of the legendary Pieter Both Mountain, the second-highest peak on the island. The mountain’s unique shape has been the inspiration of many local stories and fables.

8 Million Years Old

The volcanic island formed 8 million years ago, is situated in the Indian Ocean off Africa’s coast, home to an array of unique species of birds, and was once the home of the dodo bird.

From a Constantly Self-Replenishing Source

The source of our water, over 100m deep, is a pristine, multi-layered artesian aquifer, rich in electrolytes and essential minerals being replenished continuously with the islands yearly 1500mm rainfall.


We are always working on lowering our carbon footprint though our many initiatives in research, lowering emissions and energy efficiency.

Empowering the Youth Through Sports

We believe that by inspiring our youth we can change our future. This is why we sponsor sports events, young teams and individuals.